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It is not possible for everyone to see the nature of everything around the world. As internet has come and it has changed our life which give us opportunity to see maximum colors of nature while you are home. Here are 20 hd nature wallpapers to download with full detail.

HD Nature Wallpapers

What Is Nature?

It refers to physical world or life in general. The word nature mean essential qualities, innate disposition. What we see around us which are not created by human is called natural. Simply you can say that physical universe. The things which are created by man are not recognized as nature. People search over internet to find the true and natural colors which can inspire them. Modern definition divided it into two categories like “human nature” or “artificial”. We had noticed that the trend of nature wallpapers has increased in 2013 and we had decided to show you latest wallpapers of nature to download.

What are wallpapers?

Wallpaper is a kind of material used to cover and decorate home walls, kitchen, offices and building. But as we are using laptop or desktop computer we can use wallpaper as a background. There are lot of categories fall under wallpapers some of them are given below.

  • Nature wallpapers
  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Mobile Wallpapers
  • Laptop Wallpapers
  • Animals Wallpapers
  • Celebrities’ wallpapers
  • Download Wallpapers

Types & Sizes of Wallpapers If you are using laptop, mobile, desktop pc or tablet, you are using different screen resolutions. You have to download the wallpaper size exact the screen resolution otherwise it will not fit on your screen. Most common screen resolutions are:

1024×768 Normal
1152×864 Normal 4:3
1280×960 Normal 4:3
1600×1200 Normal 4:3
1920×1440 Normal 4:3
2880×1800 WideScreen
1280×800 Wide
1440×900 Wide
1680×1050 Wide
1920×1200 Wide
2560×1600 Wide
1280×1024 Normal 5:4
852×480 HD
1280×720 HD
1366×768 HD
1920×1080 HD

320×480 iPhone

How to check screen resolution?

Right click on everywhere on desktop or home screen and click on screen resolution.

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